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Dr. Kiran Dintyala MD, MPH, ABIHM, aka Dr. Calm is a pioneering doctor and humanitarian who utilizes the Art & Science of Stress Mastery to help people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

He has dedicated his medical practice to Internal Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Stress Management - combatting an ever-rising wave of mental health issues such as anxiety or depression while also providing preventative and therapeutic measures against physical ailments like diabetes or heart attack stemming from unchecked stress levels in modern society.

He is an inspirational leader committing his life to understanding stress-related conditions and sharing innovative solutions for achieving a healthier lifestyle worldwide.

As both founder of the 'Stress Free Revolution' movement as well as multi-book author and world renown speaker on these topics - Dr.Calm strives tirelessly towards helping us all discover our fullest potential without being held down by chronic worry or illness!

According to Dr.Calm "80% of all chronic diseases are rooted in prolonged exposure to stress" and that by addressing this reality head on through his practice we can strive towards living healthy lives free from physical or mental ailments caused by excessive worrying.

Dr. Dintyala earned a medical degree from Andhra Medical College, situated in Visakhapatnam, India before pursuing higher studies at West Virginia University for an MPH qualification. Thereafter he undertook Residency Training in Internal Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine based out of New York followed by practice stints spanning five years at Hartford Hospital (Connecticut), three years Eisenhower Medical Center (Palm Springs) and four more year Sharp Memorial hospital, San Diego, California.

His experience was further enriched when he added Integrative & Holistic medicine diploma & Functional Medicine knowledge through 2014 onwards respectively into his professional repertoire. He is a distinguished member of two esteemed organizations, the Institution of Functional Medicine (IFM) and American Academy Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). His mission is to provide personalized care with superior quality. Despite corporate medicine's merit, he laments that commercialization has resulted in deteriorating doctor-patient relationships due to time constraints imposed by healthcare systems obsessed with financial stability, leaving many feeling undervalued by rationed insurance policies, ultimately leading patients into feeling shortchanged as they struggle navigating this complex system. With this mission at heart, he strives to break down these barriers and ensure every patient experiences effective health treatment without compromise
About Dr. Calm's Medical Practice
Connecting with Dr. Dintyala is like having your own personal wellness champion in your corner - an experienced doctor, best friend and confidante dedicated to helping you reach a higher level of holistic wellbeing. His visits are never rushed so he can take the time to understand yours needs and offer undivided attention as well as expert advice for improved emotional health through 15 years of experience with stress management techniques that have helped countless patients find peace among chaos.
Dr. Calm offers a unique and comprehensive approach to health care through his personalized concierge medicine model, that allows for increased access to Dr. Dintyala as well direct appointments with same-day availability, plus Telehealth services via secure video link technology.
Streamlined health care is coupled with the Revolutionary P-E-T System Stress Relief Program designed by Dr. Calm himself – helping patients find lasting peace and joy! Discover all these distinctive benefits today - just call or book your appointment online to learn more about this revolutionary healthcare solution from Dr. Calm's office now!


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Claiming that no stress challenge is too big or complicated, the author introduces principles that will help readers prevent burnout from stress and ultimately live stress free.

The book covers topics ranging from stress triggers and the law of thought mechanics to virtual stress and salvaging stressed relationships. It also discusses the benefits of learning the principles and applying them in your life, which include developing stress resistance, overall improvement.. 

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As if we don’t have enough problems and worries already in life, 2020 has brought upon A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF STRESS in the form of the CORONA PANDEMIC, pushing millions of people into a STATE OF TERROR. The PANIC created by COVID has paralyzed the whole world and its systems, bringing even the LARGEST ECONOMIES OF THE WORLD to a standstill.

To weather this pandemic, we need to calm our emotions, be intelligent in our actions, To weather this pandemic, we need to calm our emotions, be intelligent in our..
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After seeing many patients with Post-Election Stress Disorder, including some with previously well-controlled blood pressure who are coming in with alarmingly high numbers. I have given the syndrome a name: “Trumpertension.” I describe Trumpertension as “a substantial increase in blood pressure unrelated to diet, sodium intake or exercise that is solely attributable to worries over what a Trump presidency may mean for your future and America’s.”
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Surviving the 2020 Election Without Losing Your Mind
Like the 2016 election cycle, the 2020 election is expected to create a tremendous amount of stress and conflict in our already divided nation.

You will find families fighting at the dinner table. Friendships will be falling apart. You will be seeing patients with TRUMPERTENSION (anxiety, higher blood pressure, and palpitations) with increased visits to doctors' offices during the Trump era. You will see more craziness, suicides, and gun shootings in an already deranged and mentally ill society...