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Live Longer & Live Younger™

A Premium Program For Lasting Health, Happiness, And Success 
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1. Live Longer & Live Younger is a premium private client program designed for those looking for success without compromising work-life balance, and to find deep connection with their inner-self and Higher Power. 2. It is suitable for busy professionals, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, accountants, celebrities, and anyone looking to improve their work-life balance, relationships and find deeper inner-peace.
3. It is specifically tailored to those deeply distressed or busy professionals looking to improve their physical and mental health, and who are willing to devote their time and energy/financial investment towards doing so. 4. Program structured over 3-6 months includes 20 consultations (1 hour or 1.5 hours in person or by Zoom):
- four sessions at the beginning - one-day private session in the middle (8 hours or 2 half-days of 4 hours each) – during which powerful life changing lessons will be practiced,
- 4 follow-up sessions afterwards - 4 more sessions anytime during year.
- All of this can be done either in person or via Zoom call. - Email support with questions answered promptly.
5. Benefits of the program include 15 years of experience, vast knowledge & proven skills, direct contact with Dr. Calm as physician/mentor/compassionate human being, confidentiality, fulfillment of promises, open & honest advice; access to Stress Mastery Course and 8 modules with educational material. 6. The program also provides access to Stress Mastery Course (8 modules) with cutting edge educational material in form of short videos.
7. Not a cheap program; not for those unwilling to invest time/energy/effort; not a band aid or quick fix; focused on achieving fastest results possible but also making lasting impact via inside-out change. 8. There is a financial commitment involved; the guarantee offered is refund minus cost of consultations already made ($450/hour) after the first 3 consultations.

Program Details:

Why do you need it?

- It is hard to achieve the necessary results in life unless there is someone to hold your hand, guide you, and hold you accountable. - If information is what all you need to succeed in life, and everyone should be successful and happy in this world of Internet and information overload. But you know that is not the case.
- Now there are more and more people stuck in failure, struggling to succeed in their lives despite them having the ability to find answers by simply Googling. Why is that? Because: - They do not know how to differentiate between good information and bad information. They do not know what is true and what is not.
- Even if they get access to right information, they do not have the discipline to steadfastly apply the teachings and techniques. - Also, life is not simply about gathering information or gaining knowledge. It is putting that knowledge into action in the most efficient way to get the desired results the fastest way possible.

For example, if you want to go from Los Angeles to New York, there are multiple ways to reach there. If you walk it will take years to reach your destination. If you pedal out on a bicycle it will take a few months. Or you could drive there in the car and get to your destination in a few days. But if you really want to get there the fastest way possible, you must fly which will get you there just in a matter of hours.
The Private Client Program is the FAST TRACK to Success, Peace, Joy, and Balance in Life.

What do you get?

So, if you have the money to fly, that is the best route to take. But if you think taking a flight is expensive, then you must at least drive which is going to cost you some money for gas, but you will reach there in a reasonable time. But don't start walking or riding a bicycle to get to New York from Los Angeles because you probably will never get there or even if you get there, you will be totally exhausted. And the longer it takes to reach your destination, the greater the chance to get derailed or get into some kind of accident.

So, this private client program is about getting you the fastest results, helping you reach your goals in destination in the shortest time possible. This is the airplane route to achieve your goals.

There is nothing better than a mentor, an expert, a professional holding your hand, walking with you side by side, guiding you along and making sure that you reach your destination.

Why is it special?

1. 15 Years of experience.

2. Vast knowledge. 3. Proven skills. Reproducible results.

4. The amount of direct contact that you have with Dr. Calm as a physician, mentor, and most importantly as a compassionate human being who cares about you, makes this special.

There are not many people out there, who are willing to give you that kind of attention, time, and energy for the betterment of your life. And if there are, they do not know exactly how to help you. This service you will not find anywhere else.

Let me give you an example, I have a chronic health issue that I have been struggling with for years. I saw many doctors and experts but still they could not figure out what the problem is and how to solve it. So, I suffered for years. Finally, when I thought that I found the right doctor who could help me, he was not available because of some insurance issues. Now I changed my health insurance plan specifically to get access to him, but he is still not available to give the personalized attention that my problem needs. He is a good doctor he was ready to help but the half an hour in his office, is just not sufficient to solve the problem. It requires him and his team to dive deep into the issue and hold my hand every step on the way and make sure that I resolved this problem. You see, my struggle here?

Now, the same way you may be struggling in your life, looking for that someone who can show you the solutions for your stress related problems in life. If so, you have come to the right place. And more importantly, I'm willing to help, I'm willing to go all the way and do all that I can in my capacity, to support you, to help you, and make sure you're equipped with the tools, resources, solutions come up to solve your life problems.

That is what the private client program about.

What could you expect?

Here is my pledge to you:

1. All the information that we discuss is going to be highly confidential and protected.

2. I will fulfill all my promises that pertain to this program. 3. I will be open, honest, and look out for your best interest.

4. I will be kind, caring, and compassionate. 5. I will do my best do elevate your mental well-being.

6. I will give my fullest attention to your needs/problems whether it is by phone, by a video call, or in my office. 7. I will provide you with all the tools, resources, and guidance that is needed and that will equip you it the knowledge and skills that you could use lifelong.

I am confident that we will find solutions and make progress in achieving the results you want as long as you sincere in learning and applying the teachings in your life.

How is the program structured?

1. The program is 3 months long.

2. You will get a total of 20 consultations with me, each 1-1.5 hour long – whether in person or by Zoom. 3. Right from the beginning, we will address the problems you are facing and start solving them.

4. After the first 3-4 consultations we will do a one-day private session with me. That’s typically a whole day, 8hrs. You have the option to divide it into 2 half days, 4hrs each. 5. During the one-day session we will dive deep into powerful life changing lessons. We will practice relaxation exercises and techniques.

6. After the one-day private session, over the next few weeks we will do four follow up sessions to continue to reinforce what you have learnt and make sure you put them into practice. 7. There will be four more sessions left that you could use anytime during the year for help. This is very much necessary because during the course of time as new challenges arise you will need this support.

8. You will also have access to me by email to ask questions as they come to your mind. I will answer those questions promptly. 9. You will receive access to the Stress Mastery Course, which contains 8 modules and cutting-edge educational material in the form of short videos.

What this is not:

This is not a cheap program. Everything about this program is premium – the materials, the time spent, the personalized attention given, the knowledge that is shared, and the outcomes you achieve.

This is not for people who are not willing to spend the time, energy, and efforts to invest in themselves. If you are hesitant about it, if you do not want to do it, then this program is not for you. But if you are committed and willing to give yourself the opportunity to transform your life, then this is for you. This is a transformation program for those who are ready to transform.

This is not a band aid on your problems. This is not a quick fix. This is about deep inside-out change. The focus of the program is to achieve the fastest results possible but also make a lasting impact on your life. This is about equipping you with the tools, resources, knowledge, and skills that can last you a lifetime.


Access to Stress Mastery Program: The essence of stress-free living is masterfully complied into 8 Powerful Modules, each with 7-8 short videos. This program gives you strategies to resolve stress in your life.


After the first 3 consultations if you feel like we are not good fit, you will receive the refund minus the cost of three consults at $450/hour.