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Stress Mastery Program®

An Online Solution for Professional Burnout

1. Stress Mastery Program offers an online solution to professional burnout, consisting of 8 Powerful Modules with 7-8 short videos teaching stress management skills. 2. Millions of people die each year due to the silent killer--stress, and the effects of COVID-19 have further increased fear, anxiety and worry.
3. It covers the basics of stress management like how to tackle challenges, identify and overcome major & minor stressors, break the myths around stress and build resilience. 4. Participants will be able to reclaim their lost happiness and live a life of peace, joy ,and balance by mastering principles that govern our mental world.
5. It also teaches how to calm the mind, navigate maze of life, develop balanced living approach and manage moods & conflicts. 6. It is not merely a superficial fix for problems but an in-depth healing from within; participants are encouraged to dedicate time for 2 months to master the tools and skills.
7. Guarantee: In the first 2 weeks, you cancel the program for any reason and full refund will be provided.
Program Details:

The essence of stress-free living is masterfully complied into 8 Powerful Modules, each with 7-8 short videos. This program gives you strategies to resolve stress in your life. A new found peace and joy will embrace your life. You will be confident in facing life challenges. Begin your journey now!

Stress is a silent killer. Millions of people die every day because of stress. 80% of chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer, have their foundation on chronic stress. Learning the art of Stress Mastery is not optional. It’s vital for your survival. This is more so true since COVID-19. The feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry during COVID-19 have wrecked a havoc. If people were better trained to handle stress, they would have managed themselves better. This is true not only for world events like pandemics or wars but also for life events like job loss, divorce, financial downturn, health issues, loss of loved ones and more...Life is full of challenges. Sometimes we are faced with terrible circumstances that we feel totally hopeless and desperate. During those times, whether you come out victorious or succumb, depends on your Stress Management Skills. Unfortunately, most people do not get any Stress Management training in their lives whether at home, school, or work. That’s the reason people develop wrong coping mechanisms. Soon they change for the worse hoping to cope with stress. Some develop feelings of depression and try to take their life. Some get addicted to alcohol, smoking, drugs. Many live miserably life long.

Years ago, in the face of challenges I almost crumbled. But fortunately I stumbled upon certain teachings that changed my life for ever. A deep peace and joy entered my life. I was transformed. Then I went on to study the subject of stress management in depth. I experimented. I practiced. I taught. I researched. With time it became evident to me that there are some basic principles that govern our mental world and if we lean them, we could keep stress at bay. We could live a life of peace, joy, and balance. We could reclaim our lost happiness. When I was suffering and groping in dark, there was no help. So, I have put together all I learnt in the past 15 years into a program called ‘Stress Mastery’. My hope is that I could be of some help to people around me when they are in need and they don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

If you are some one in deep distress in life, no matter what the reason is, this program is for you. You will benefit the most. However, if you are moderately stressed, it is time for you to take action any learn some new skills that will come to you rescue and prevent you from getting to the tipping point of stress.

What you need to know is that this is not a superficial fix for your problems. This is about reaching deeply to your soul and healing from within. Take time to learn and master the principles and techniques taught in this program. Be patient. Stop self-criticism. Be sincere in learning. Dedicate your time for the next 2 months and you will master the stress relief tools and skills.