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STRESS is a silent killer!

Stress is highly prevalent in our modern society. Statistics show, 90 out of 100 are stressed for one reason or other, out of them at least 50% are severely stressed or burnt-out. The problem is, stress is not simply mental or emotional. It adversely affects your physical health too. Stress is associated with the 6 leading causes of death. WHO has defined stress as a GLOBAL HEALTH EPIDEMIC.

Adverse health consequences of STRESS.

  • Stress can cause heart attacks. It can weaken your heart by causing Stress Cardiomyopathy.
  • Stress is associated with cancer, lung diseases, and liver problems.
  • Stress can precipitate autoimmune disorders.
  • When stressed, I see my patients’ blood pressure shooting up and their diabetes getting out of control.
  • Stress triggers migraines or other kinds of headaches.
  • Stress reduces your immunity and increases the risk of getting infections. Chronic stress is associated with chronic inflammation.
  • In fact, stress is the foundation on which many chronic diseases build upon.

What should you DO?

  • It is important that you keep stress out of your life and do all that is needed for that.
  • Priotitize peace of mind. Make sure you relax your body and mind on a regular basis.
  • Because, calm mind helps you stay productive and healthy. It helps you perform under pressure. Develop the habit of calm mind.
  • The PET system for stress free living is deisigned exactly to help you do all the above.





The problem is that stress not only affects your health and personal life but also badl effects into your work life. In fact, work stress and personal stress are interrelated. If you are stressed at home, that affects your work performance and your work stress makes it hard to handle personal issues at home.

Professional BURN-OUT is alarming high!

Today’s corporate world is a highly stressful environment with endless projects, tight deadlines, increasing conflicts, hypocrisy, and more. The result is professional burnout. I have seen doctors, lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, businessmen, financial advisors and many others becoming the victims of stress.

Achieve WORK-LIFE balance.

Unless you learn how to stay calm and handle pressure gracefully, soon you will regret the stressful life you are leading. No amount of money can bring you back the lost years of life filled with anxiety, worry, and fear. Do not put your health at stake for career and money. Learn how to balance career success with personal happiness. The PET System is just designed to help you find that balance in LIFE. Know more




Painful relationship?

There is nothing more painful than a broken relationship and the amount of stress it can cause cannot be expressed in words. Relationships are like a stem of roses with thorns at the base. They can bring you the fragrance of love, joy, and fulfillment or can cause immense pain like a thorn piercing deeply into your flesh. Handle relationships with care. Do your best not to hurt others. Be kind always. I know it’s difficult. Nevertheless, do your best to be so.

Why do relationships FAIL?

So many relationships fall apart in this world because either one or both people involved in it fail to understand the other. Often, human beings are full of wrong assumptions and misunderstandings. There is only one TRUE SOLUTION for this. Listen…listen…listen. When people listen with all their heart, most relationships start getting better. Yes, it requires lots of patience to do that, but the results are worth it. Another major problem in relationships is JUDGMENT. It’s often because people have not taken time to TRULY UNDERSTAND others.

ONE SOLUTION to all problems.

  • Practice CALMNESS and salvage your stressed relationships.
  • When people’s minds are restless, they do not have the patience and focus to listen and understand.
  • However, when people’s minds are calm, they become better listeners. That is when your relationship begin healing.
  • Learn PET System and heal your relationship.

Kiran Dintyala

Stressed About COVID-19? This book can help.

No one thought the coronavirus would wreak such havoc. People are afraid for their health and safety. The impact on the economy is huge. There is personal stress, financial stress, health stress, and many other stresses all attacking us at once. We have never seen anything like this in our lifetime.

How do we overcome all these challenges? How do we remain sane in the midst of this craziness? How can we step up and move forward with our lives? How can you remain at peace during these changing times?

If you are paralyzed by the fear of Corona and the damage caused by it, we are here to help. Learn from my book, ‘Calming the Corona’.


Kiran Dintyala

Finding ways to cope up with ELECTION STRESS?

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, male or female, young or old, the amount of stress you faced during this year 2020 is tremendous because of COVID pandemic. Now, on top of it, get ready for the emotional roller-coaster ride due to the upcoming elections.

The rising tensions and anxieties of an already divided nation, gripped with fear of CORONA and problems of RACISM, is being made worse further by the Presidential Elections. To survive all this, you must find solace and peace despite the increasing tumult.

Learn more on how to do that from my book, ‘Surviving the 2020 Election Without Losing Your Mind’.